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MATCH FUZEE — All Weather Match for Precise Initiation of Safety Fuse

We have seen demand for this venerable product increase over recent years.  As a result, we commissioned and performed R&D to update this simple, yet essential item.

Our Match Fuzee has a modernized chemical formula.  This product will initiate military Safety Fuse (M700 & L1A3) during all-weather operational requirements. 

We are now the sole UK manufacturer and owner of IPR for this essential demolition product.

  • NSN 9920-99-993-2000
  • All weather match; burns with very low flame; burn time 6-16 seconds.
  • 10 x matches per Plastic Container; 2 x strike surfaces (lid & bottom of pot) 
  • Plastic Containers sealed in PE bag for long-term storage

We can quickly deliver this product via Air Freight to any Government End User worldwide.

Exhibitor — UK Security & Policing Event, 15-17 MAR 2022
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