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We supply highly versatile and capable CBRN detection equipment products.  Our technicians perform maintenance on a variety of chemical detection equipment, such as AP4C, AP2C, S4PE, plus Battery replacement and Hydrogen refilling services.  We will also enhance your explosives detection and training capabilities with EXPRAY, DETEX, and Dog Scent Training Kits.

Chemical Detection

CBRNergetics Ltd. is an industry leading chemical detection equipment supplier.


AP4C Battery

Hydrogen Cylinder

S4PE Liquid Chemical Detector

Sampling Scraper

Test Scraper for S4PE

Mini Bench



Rechargeable Battery Unit

AP4C-F Coalescence Filter

UC AP4C with Standard Batteries

AP4C-V Visualisation & Control Module

AP4C / AP2C Sim Tool Kit

AP4C Carry Case

AP4C/AP2C Alarm Box

HD Simulant Flask


Charger for Rechargeable Battery Unit

AP4C Sampling Nozzle

AP4C Remote Alarm Box

UC AP4C with Rechargeable Batteries

UC TIMs Handheld Chemical Detector

Wireless Communication Set - AP4C


Portable Test Bench


Biological Detection

CBRNergetics Limited is an industry leading supplier of Biological Detection equipment

MAB Biological Alarm Monitor



Demineralized Water


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