Welcome to CBRNergetics Ltd - Glossary


ADR: European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods
AHD: Anti Handling Device
AP2C: A handheld chemical detector - "Appareil Portable pour le contrôle de la Contamination Chimique"
AP4C: A handheld chemical detector - "Appareil Portable pour le contrôle de la Contamination Chimique" 
APMBC: Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention 
APM: Anti-Personnel Mine
ATO: Ammunition Technical Officer 
AXO: Abandoned Explosive Ordnance 
BAC: Battle Area Clearance 
BC: Breach Case
BLU: Bomb Live Unit 
CBRNe: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive
CBU: Cluster Bomb Unit 
C-IED:Counter Improved Explosive Device
CMD:Compact Metal Detector
Comp B: Composition B plastic explosive
C4: Composition 4 plastic explosive
DETEX: Explosives Detection Kit
DM: Demining 
DML: Demolition 
DNT: Dinitrotoluene
DSCA: US Defense Security Cooperation Agency
ECJU: UK Export Control Joint Unit
ECO: UK Export Control Organisation
EHRT: Explosive Hazard Reduction Team
EMOE: Explosive Method of Entry 
EO: Explosive Ordnance 
EOC: Explosive Ordnance Clearance 
EOD: Explosive Ordnance Disposal 
ERW: Explosive Remnants of War 
EU: European Union
EXPRAY: Explosives Detection Kit
FLATSCAN: Portable X-ray Scanner
FMS: US Foreign Military Sales
GCC: Gulf Cooperation Council
HAZMAT: Hazardous Material
HBX: High Blast Explosive
HE: High Explosive
HESH: High Explosive Squash Head 
Hook and Line Kit: A kit of parts which is used to handle suspect objects from a safe distance.
HSE: UK Health and Safety Executive
IED: Improvised Explosive Device 
IEDD: Improvised Explosive Device Disposal 
IMAS: International Mine Action Standards 
IMSMA: Information Management System for Mine Action
ISFE: Igniter Safety Fuse Electric
ITAR: International Trafficking in Arms Regulations
LCT: Linear Cutting Tape
LEPC: Low Energy Plastic Cord
LIS: Landmine Impact Survey 
MAB: Biological Alarm Monitor
MAC: Mine Action Centre 
MACC: Mine Action Coordination Centre 
MDD: Mine Detection Dog(s) 
ME: Middle East
MoD: Ministry of Defence 
MRE: Mine Risk Education 
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 
NBC: Nuclear Biological Chemical
NSN: NATO Stock Number or National Stock Number 
NSWC: US Naval Surface Warfare Center
OGEL: Open General Export License
OIEL: Open Individual Export License
OITCL: Open Individual Trade Control License
PASTEX: A premiere brand of special explosives, offered exclusively by CBRNergetics Ltd.
PETN: Pentaerythrite Tetranitrate (explosive)
PPE:  Personal Protective Equipment 
PE-4: Plastic Explosive No. 4
RAZOR: Flexible Linear Shaped Cutting Charge, offered exclusively by CBRNergetics Ltd.
RDX: Research Department Explosive or Rapid Detonating Explosive or Cyclonite or Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine
RFS: Rapid Firing System
RSP: Render Safe Procedure 
SC: Shaped Charge 
SE: Sheet Explosive
SEMTEX: A premiere brand of explosives, offered exclusively by CBRNergetics Ltd.
SHA: Suspected Hazardous Area 
SIEL: Standard Individual Export License
SITCL: Standard Individual Trade Control License
SOCOM: US Special Operations Command
SOP: Standard Operating Procedures 
STS: Shock Tube System
SX2: Sheet Explosive
S4PE: A handheld liquid chemical detector
TIC: Toxic Industrial Compounds
TIMS: Toxic Industrial Materials 
TNB: Trinitrobenzene
TNT: Trinitrotoluene
UN: United Nations
UNMAS: United Nations Mine Action Service 
UNOPS: United Nations Office for Project Services
US DOD: United States Department of Defense 
UXO: Unexploded Ordnance 
WP: White Phosphorous