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Initiation & Detonation

We are an industry leading initiation devices supplier. We supply a wide range of Shock Tube Systems, Electric Detonators, Plain Detonators, Safety Fuse, Igniter Safety Fuse Electric, and Firing Cable Reels. Our experts have recently designed variations to the highly popular Igniter Safety Fuse Percussion, 5-MD-17. Our initiation devices can be used to initiate Semtex explosives, IEDD products, shaped charges, and all demolition charges.

Igniter Safety Fuse

Shock Tube - 5-MD-17ST

Firing Cable Reel

Igniter Safety Fuse Delay

Igniter Safety Fuze Electric L25A1

Firing Device Demolition M142

Match Fuzee

Safety Fuse L1A3

Shock Tube Systems™

Startline Detonating Cords

L2A4 Instant Electric Detonator

L1A5 Plain Detonator

Safety Fuse M700

Rapid Firing System 10m (RFS-10)


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