Welcome to CBRNergetics Ltd - About Us

Who We Work With

CBRNergetics Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of defense equipment to military, government, and police forces around the world.  We are preferred suppliers for the British Ministry of Defence, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
NATO forces, Armed Forces of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, United Nations , and many large global NGO’s.



What We Supply

CBRNergetics Ltd. is a leading defense company, working closely with military and police organizations that buy military equipment along the following product ranges:

  • Chemical Detection Equipment supplier
  • Battlefield Simulation supplier
  • Military Demolitions Explosives supplier
  • Semtex Explosives supplier
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal supplier
  • Bomb Disposal PPE supplier
  • Demining Personal Protective Equipment supplier
  • Minefield Clearance Equipment supplier
  • Hook and Line Kit supplier

Our products encompass all requirements for ground forces, to include:  Demolition Stores, Initiation & Detonation Systems (e.g. Electric Detonators), Explosives & Demolition Charges, EOD, C-IED, IEDD, CBRNe, Medical, and Minefield Clearance Equipment.   We are a versatile organization; and our expertise extends to providing niche products for Humanitarian & Infrastructural Solutions, Urban Solutions, and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Engineering and R&D Solutions

Our engineering specialists offer unique and innovative solutions to complex and challenging operational requirements.  We continue to seek improved products and methods that enable hard target breaching, explosive methods of entry (EMEO), mobility requirements, and new solutions for EOD, C-IED, and IEDD missions.

Present our team with a problem and our engineering and technical experts will endeavor to provide your organization the best possible solution.

Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

CBRNergetics Ltd. executes major contracts to fulfil comprehensive requirements for armed forces engaged in operations around the world.

We utilize commercial sea freight or cargo aircraft on dedicated charter in order to deliver our consignments to customers — wherever their requirements dictate.

We provide complete shipping and transportation services:

  • Rapid and comprehensive responses to customer requirements
  • Create a total supply package specification
  • Procurement of complete cargo
  • Manufacture all packaging and transportation material
  • Packing and manifesting of cargos in extensive warehousing
  • Selection, acquisition and handling of explosive, ammunition and hazard cargos
  • Logistical movements to sea freight or aircraft
  • Safe loading and handling of hazardous cargoes

We deliver on time, on price, on specification — every time

Demining & Mine Clearance Organizations