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We are a leader amongst premiere special explosives companies that are an explosive charges supplier for US DoD, UK MoD, NATO, and GCC military organizations. Our range of Semtex special explosives are proven to be amongst the best in the world for Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE). For our entire range of Semtex explosives, shaped charges, and demolition charges, we can custom prepare the packaging, and logistic requirements to meet unique operational specifications.

M112 Composition 4 (C4)

Block TNT

Slip-on Explosive Booster

Linear Cutting Tape (LCT)

Pastex 14 (Paste Explosive)

Plastic Explosive No.4 (PE4)

Semtex Plastic Explosives

Semtex Razor

Sheet Explosive PL SE M

Silicone Adhesive - FT80

Super High Detonation

Semtex 10-SE

Semtex 90

Disintegrator 13 & 50

Inert Plastic IRTG mass


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