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Neutralising Threats

We are an industry leading Explosive Ordnance Disposal supplier and C-IED supplier, with a chief focus on EOD, C-IED, and IEDD missions. Our range of Pigstick, Hotrod, Cartridge Injectors, Vehicle Disruptors, Precision Disruptors, and Recoilless Disruptors will enable operators to neutralize virtually any threat.

EOD Tool Kit

L22A1 Pigstick


Dual Cap Crimper

EHRT Kit Bag

Kit Cartridge Injector

MDSL-900 (Dragon) De-Armer

MDSL-1000 Recoilless

MDSL 2000 Recoilless Disruptor

Needle Precision Disruptor

DetSafe 8M - Detonator Container


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