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Welcome to CBRNergetics Ltd - Press Release
Please enjoy reading about our featured products and services. If you have any questions or need further information, please email our
representatives directly at
Chemical Detection Equipment — AP4C

CBRNergetics Ltd. can provide the full range of Chemical Detection Equipment.

We are the sole & exclusive UK distributor for all Proengin CBRN equipment.

We supply AP4C, MAB, TIMs, and the full range of consumable parts.

Servicing & Hydrogen Refilling: 

•  We have our opened our new Dorset Service Center. 

•  We provide a full range of maintenance services for AP4C equipment.

We also provide full freight services, and can deliver to all UK Government & Commercial End Users.

Webpage link for the product image:

DSSI - featured for DSEI
Shaped Charges — Rapid Crater Kits
Battle Simulation — Thunderflash — family of products
BRIMSTONE — Lightweight Hook & Line Pack with EOD Pole
MATCH FUZEE — All Weather Match for Precise Initiation of Safety Fuse

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