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We are a world leading Demolition Stores Company.  We provide a wide range of explosives and initiation devices.  Recently, we have expanded our product line of Semtex explosives, C4, Plastic Explosive No. 4 (PE-4), and other demolition charges.  We are industry leaders in providing special explosives, such as: RAZOR, Bangalore Torpedo, Beehive & other Shaped Charges, plus Sheet, Tape, & Paste Explosives. 

Initiation & Detonation

Our initiation products are guaranteed to make a “bang.” We supply a wide range of Shock Tube Systems, Electric Detonators, Plain Detonators, Safety Fuse, Igniter Safety Fuse Electric, and Firing Cable Reels. Our experts have recently designed variations to the highly popular Igniter Safety Fuse Percussion, 5-MD-17.

Igniter Safety Fuse

Shock Tube - 5-MD-17ST

Dual Igniter Firing Device

Firing Cable Reel

Igniter Safety Fuse Delay

Igniter Safety Fuze Electric L25A1

Firing Device Demolition M142

Match Fuzee

Safety Fuse L1A3

Shock Tube Systems™

Startline Detonating Cords

L2A4 Instant Electric Detonator

L1A5 Plain Detonator



CBRNergetics Ltd are the premiere Semtex explosives supplier for numerous NATO, GCC, and Allied military organizations. We supply the entire range of Semtex explosives and we can custom prepare the demolition charges, packaging, and logistics requirements to meet unique operational specifications.

M112 Composition 4 (C4)

Block TNT

Slip-on Explosive Booster

Linear Cutting Tape (LCT)

Pastex 14 (Paste Explosive)

Plastic Explosive No.4 (PE4)

Semtex Plastic Explosives

Semtex Razor

Sheet Explosive PL SE M

Silicone Adhesive - FT80

Super High Detonation

Semtex 10-SE

Semtex 90

Disintegrator 13 & 50

Inert Plastic IRTG mass


Shaped Charges

CBRNergetics Ltd are a world leading military demolitions explosives supplier and manufacturer for shaped charges. We supply a diverse range of explosives, such as: Hayrick Charges, Bangalore Torpedo, Beehive Charges, Breach Cases, Rapid Crater Charges, and Underwater Limpit and Demolition Charges. We can custom prepare the demolitions, packaging, and logistics requirements to meet unique operational specifications.

Bangalore Torpedo 4x6ft Tubes

Bangalore Torpedo 8x1m Tubes

Beehive MK 6

Breach Case BC 25

C-126 DREStructor

Point Focal Disruptor Charge

Crater Charge NR51

Individual “Hayrick” Charge

Hayrick Necklace Kit

L3A1 Slab Charge

M2A4 Demolition Charge

NR50 11kg Shaped Charge

Charge Demolition Plastic Pack (Underwater)

Rapid Crater Kit


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