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Boostering and Detonation

CBRNergetics Ltd. provide the very best in Boostering & Detonation Equipment

Igniter Safety Fuse

Shock Tube - 5-MD-17ST

Electric Cartridge PT1517

Detonator N0.8 Flash

Detonator No.8 - Electric

Dual Igniter Firing Device

Firing Cable Reel

Igniter Safety Fuse Delay

Igniter Safety Fuze Electric L25A1

Firing Device Demolition M142

Match Fuzee

Safety Fuse L1A3

Shock Tube Systems™

Startline Detonating Cords

L2A4 Instant Electric Detonator

L1A5 Plain Detonator



CBRNergetics Ltd. provide the very best in Demolition Explosives

M112 Composition 4 (C4)

Block TNT

Slip-on Explosive Booster

Linear Cutting Tape (LCT)

Pastex 14 (Paste Explosive)

Plastic Explosive No.4 (PE4)

Semtex Plastic Explosives

Semtex Razor

Sheet Explosive PL SE M

Silicone Adhesive - FT80

Super High Detonation

Semtex 10-SE

Semtex 90


Shaped Charges

CBRNergetics Ltd. provide the very best in Shaped Charges

Bangalore Torpedo 4x6ft Tubes

Bangalore Torpedo 8x1m Tubes

Beehive MK 6

Breach Case BC 25

C-126 DREStructor

Point Focal Disruptor Charge

Crater Charge NR51

Individual “Hayrick” Charge

Hayrick Necklace Kit

L3A1 Slab Charge

Low Energy Plastic Cord

Explosive Clearance System

M2A4 Demolition Charge

Mila 6-C

NR50 11kg Shaped Charge

Charge Demolition Plastic Pack (Underwater)

Rapid Crater Kit


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