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S4PE Liquid Chemical Detection

The S4PE is used to detect very persistent agents in a liquid form. For example, Vx does not give any vapour at ambient temperatures. It is therefore impossible to detect Vx with a standard gas detector.

Thanks to the scraper, a sample is collected from the surfaces to be checked. The sampled liquids are converted into vapor or aerosols by the heating system of the S4PE, so that they can be analyzed by the AP2C.

The S4PE, the scraper and the sampling tube are used to detect persistent chemical agent (HD, VX). This set includes all necessary tools for liquid detection.

The S4PE is exclusively used when the sampling tube is fitted on the AP2C. Thanks to the scraper, a sample is taken from the surfaces to be checked. The nose of the S4PE is then inserted into the AP2C sampling tube and held there. The push button of the S4PE is pressed and held down (for approximately 2 seconds) to heat the scraper. The liquids sampled are thus converted into vapors or aerosols, so that they can be analyzed by the AP2C.

CBRNergetics Limited e provide robust and flexible CBRNe solutions to goverment and civil agencies worldwide. Including chemical detection equipment: AP2C, AP4C, Coriolis and the full Proengin product family.

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Technical Specifications:

Characteristics (Detector)
• A lithium battery supplies the S4PE, ref.: LSH 20 (SAFT)
• Size: (HxL): 150mm x 120 mm Æ 50 mm 
(5.90” x 4.72”; Æ 1.97”)
• Weight (Without LSH20 battery): 225 gr
• Operating temperature: -32°C to +71°C 
(-25.6°F to +131°F)
• Storage temperature: -38.2°F to +160°F 
(-38.2°F to +160°F)
• Autonomy: approximately 1000 samplings with one battery

This whole equipment is packaged in a fitted black 
transport case including:

• 1 S4PE
• 2 LSH20 batteries
• 2 Boxes of 10 sampling scrapers (black)
• 1 Box of 10 test scrapers (blue)
• 1 Sampling tube
• 1 Technical Guide

Characteristics (Case)

• Case Size (LxWxH): 460 mm x 380 mm x 170 mm (18.10” x 7.10” x 4.70”)
• Weight of the full case: 4,2 kg
• Operating temperature: -25°C to +45°C 
(-13°F to +113°F)
• Rain proof
• Decontaminable body/interchangeable edgings
• Shock proof and withstands 1 meter drops
• Stackable

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