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Chemical & Biological Monitoring & Detection. Chemical and biological montoring and detection unit for Armoured Vehicles, Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Industrial Materials, Biological Warefare Agents. AP4C-VB is a flame spectrometer allowing an easy, reliable and false-alarm-free alarm and control detection of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial materials and biological warefare agents.  AP4C-VB has been designed for an easy installation outside a vehicle (contamination and detection remain outside the vehicle), for a real time monitoring of toxic gas and biologiacla agents concentraction and alarm the user. Alarms and measurements are fully automatic and require no action from vehicle crew at any moment. AP4C-VB can easily be connected to the central control system of a vehicle and be adapted to any customer software.

Biological Detection

Selective sampling (particles from 2 to 10 microns) Chemical analyzis of each particle (flame spectrometry) Short response time: max 1 minute (threshold level), commonly 10 to 15 seconds.

Chemical Detection

 The widest range of detected products AP4C-V8 can detect all nerve agents, all blister agents, all blood agents, all NTA (Non-Traditional Agents), the complete list of schedule 1 Chemical Warefare Agents as defined by International Organizations, and numerous toxic industrail agents in addition to choking agents such as ammonia.

Short reponse time: 2 seconds.

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Technical Specifications:

Chemical & Biological Monitoring & Detection

Designed to withsatnd the harsh environment of military vehicle, AP4C-V8 runs continuosly and does not require any proptection to fulfil its mission.

Extremely reliable, AP4C-VB has the highest user availabilty rate on the market. An annual check is the only required maintenance option.

Thanks to its unique technology, AP4C-VB has the shortest recovery time. Even after exposure to high concentration, AP4C-VB is ready for another detection after some seconds.


Storage period: no maintenance required

Use Period: check up once a year

Characteristics (mm, kg)

Length    Width      Height     Weight
335 mm   170 mm   223 mm    4 kg

Electrical Characteristics
Main suppply: 12-28 V DC

Alarm data available: light and sound signal. data can be transfered to wither remote control box or central system.

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