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AP4C-V Fixed Position Chemical Agent Detector

The AP4C-V is a chemical agent detector for fixed or mobile applications. It is used to detect Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals Purpose. The AP4C-V is used in fixed positions (shelters, storage areas) or mobile (reconnaissance vehicles, light vehicles). The AP4C-V detects all nerve, all blister and all blood agents.

CBRNergetics Limited provide robust and flexible CBRNe solutions to goverment and civil agencies worldwide. Including chemical detection equipment: AP2C, AP4C, AP4C-V, Coriolis and the full Proengin product family. If you can't see what you're looking for listed here, please send us an email or contact us.


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Technical Specifications:

AP4C-V Fixed Position Chemical Agent Detector

• Fast and remote controlled turn-on
• Immediate identification and measurements
• Remote report of information
• Dynamic filtration of dust
• Fast response time and fast return-tozero time
• Flameproof

Operating Principle
The AP4C-V is a flame spectrophotometer. A continuous stream of air is burned into a combustion chamber, which has a constant supply of hydrogen.

A miniaturized spectrophotometer measures the luminous emitting variations of the flame. The electrical signal from the photo sensor is processed in real time by a micro controller board.

• Detects simultaneously agents on the four channels
• Detects agents in all forms: vapor – aerosols – droplets – dust agents and frozen agents
• Capability to detect TIC’s: PH3, PARATHION on P channel – PCl3, NH3, NOx on HNO channel – SO2, SF6, CS2, H2S, H2SO4 on S channel – AsH3 on As channel
Use Specifications
• Ultra fast response time: 2 seconds at the high sensitivity 
• Very low false alarms rate
• Ultra fast return-to-zero after detection even in high concentration 
• Starts up within 2 minutes
• Detects continuously: no need to change filter after positive detection • Restart in 30 seconds. No calibration
• Built-in test included

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Download AP4C-V PDF Data Sheet
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