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Chemical & Biological Monitoring & Detection Biological and Chemical Detector for fixed sites (Critical infastructures). The first 24/7 Biological-Chemical alarm detector. Real time biological and chemical detection and monitoring (continuous measurement) Integrated in site security network. Adapted to harsh environmental conditions. Selective sampling (particles from 2 to 10 microns), chemical analyzis of each particle (flame spectrometry) Sampling flow rate: 16 litres per minute. Short reponse time: max 1 minute (threshold level), commonly 10 to 15 seconds.

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Technical Specifications:

Chemical & Biological Monitoring & Detection


Storage period: no maintenance required
Use Period: check up once a year
No consumables

Characteristics (mm, kg)
Length     Width       Height       Weight

332 mm    320 mm    606 mm     15 kg

Electrical Characteristics
Main suppply: 110-220V DC

The Widest range of detected products AP4C-FB can detect all nerve agents, all blister agents, all blood agents, all NTA (Non-Traditional Agents as Novichok agents), the complete list of Schedule 1 Chemical Warefare Agents as defined by International Organizations, and numerous toxic industrial agents in addition to choking agents such as ammonia.

Alarm data available: light and sound signal, data recording and transfer to either remote control box or security network, ability to trigger a biosampler or the closure of buildings ventilation systems.

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