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CBRNergetics Limited continues the strong performance set by its predecessor in supporting the UK Counter-terrorism effort. Maintaining an on demand high tech support facility with fully qualified technical staff and the support of our Principals, CBRNergetics Limited continues the delivery of excellence to ensure that the UK is ready for any eventuality.

Please click on a image below to view a full details specification and to access a PDF download Data Sheet.

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CBRNergetics AP4C-FB   CBRNergetics AP4C_V   CBRNergetics AP4c-VB
CBRNergetics Cooling Combo   CBRNergetics Demo Explosives   CBRNergetics Detex
CBRNergetics Dog Scent Kit   CBRNergetics E3500 Chemilux   CBRNergetics EXPRAY
CBRNergetics Hydrogen Cylinders   CBRNergetics MAB Alarm   CBRNergetics S4PE
CBRNergetics Sampling Scrapers for S4PE   CBRNergetics Test Scrapers for S4PE   CBRNergetics Mini Bench
CBRNergetics Minefield Marker Kit   CBRNergetics Portable Test Bench    
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