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Welcome to CBRNergetics Limited

CBRNergetics Ltd. provides unique solutions for the defense industry and police forces worldwide.  As an industry leading military demolition explosives supplier, we are experts in providing niche explosives, demolitions, demining, EOD, and battlefield simulation equipment to our customers. 

We take great pride in our ability to develop custom solutions for military and police forces that buy military equipment.  We work closely with our customers in order to meet their unique operational requirements, whether that is custom packaging, logistics & transportation solutions, or equipment designed for special operational requirements.  

We supply the complete demolitions train — from initiation to detonation and deactivation to safe disposal.

  • End-to-End solutions — we drive the entire supply chain
  • Provide customized solutions to meet unique requirements
  • Extensive knowledge of international export/import regulations governing military equipment
  • Flexible: responsive; defense industry expertise


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